Knowing the Cheapest Day to Book a Flight

Cheapest Day to Book a Flight
Cheapest Day to Book a Flight
MrsBrightSide Some people have successfully proved that there is a day that called the cheapest day to book a flight. Just like the name, on this day you can purchase a flight ticket in low fares. Not many people know this thing, so here we will provide you some days that can help you to get the cheap flight. This cheap flight is not only come from the low fares airlines but from the other airlines that have excellent reputations.

Before we mentioned the day that can affect you to get lots of flight ticket, we want to inform you that there are things that also affect the price of your ticket. If you want to travel either on Friday, Saturday or Monday, you will still get the higher price because it's the weekend day.  The cheapest day to book a flight will be divided into two specific things. The first is for you who have the specific date and the other one for those who have the flexible date.

For those with specific days

For those who want to travel on a specific date, make sure you book the ticket few weeks before you go. If you book the flight ticket closer to the flight date, you will get the high price. It is mentioned that 40-60 days before you fly is the cheapest day to book a flight tickets. Some people have proved this right.

If your flight date is on weekend days, you will need to book it a few weeks earlier because the price of the weekend flight will get higher faster than the other days. So in this case, the earlier you book, the cheapest tickets you will get.

Please note that if your specific date is more than five months from now, you can also use the tips below.

For those who have flexible date

If you have flexible date to travel, you can easily get the cheapest ticket by selecting the price all whole month, and it will show the real deal price. If you fly on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday, you will get the lower price compared to weekend days flights.

Since day and time is a matter to book the flight, the best recommendation to purchase flight ticket is Tuesday around midnight. You will get the price 3-7% lower from the standard rate. This is also applicable for the weekend day flight tickets.

If you book the ticket around midnight at the previous week, you will get the lower price. But this is not applicable if there is a promo price from the airlines.

You can combine to book it few months before you go and at the midnight of the previous week to get the greatest deal for your flight tickets. Please also notice that clearing the cache from your browser also can help you to get it because it can affect the price that shows on the website. From all the days, Tuesday midnight will be the best recommendation for you as the cheapest day to book a flight.

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