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Due to my time constraints I am going to present them in several posts. Basically this is the same Admixture analysis with Reference I dataset and a batch of Harappa project participants except that instead of using all 22 chromosomes I ran admixture separately on each chromosome.

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For definitions for this and the other terms used on the site please see the glossaryAssuming youve personally taken a DNA test it would make sense to start mapping your own chromosomes first.

Admixture map paint my chromosomes. It describes ancestry in an efficient way suitable for a range of further analyses including population identification and admixture dating. The included ChromoPainter tool finds haplotypes in sequence data. My point about my parents and grandparents was just that it is not easy for me to identify based on admixture whether a match is on my paternal or maternal side whereas some people are lucky enough to.

Chromosome Painting is a visual representation of your admixture proportions not only by chromosome but by segments of each chromosome. These tools are found on the main page in the middle column under Admixture heritage in the Analyze Your Data section. In the microscope photograph on the left the chromosomes are laid out vertically.

The different colors show which segments of each chromosome were most similar with which populations. For now just pick the project name and leave it as Admixture Proportions. The chromosomes are numbered left to right and the segments run from bottom to top.

Either way chromosome painting is useful for everyone regardless of ethnicity. Chromosome mapping is an exciting technique that can be used to visualize your DNA and help you see the segments of DNA you inherited from your ancestors. Today lets look at the fineStructure clustering run on the chunkcount output of ChromoPainter.

If you feel comfortable you can look at the individual chromosome information chromosome painting or even differences between two Gedmatch kits topics for another day on this blog. I went to GEDMatch fillowed your instructions chose Eurogenes K36 but got only a pie chart not a map. Heres what the admixture looks like showing all 22 pairs of painted chromosomes.

Here is my unphased chromosome painting Dodecad World9. Highlight and copy all of the segments for Cheryl. For comparison here is my chromosome painting using the DNA I obtained from my father same settings.

A Genetic Atlas of Human Admixture History by G. In the Chromosome Painting. How to Access The Utility Tools.

I then performed some admixture analysis to compare unphased v. Since each chromosomes data was separately processed the ancestral components inferred for each chromosome are not exactly the same. A blank map is a set of blank chromosomes representing a single person.

It shows a colorful representation of the 23 pairs of chromosomes that make up your genome. When there are overlapping colors on the same segment it means that segment is found in more than one population. Here is a photo of what real human chromosomes look like under a microscope side by side with my Chromosome Painting.

Admixture Proportions by Chromosome. I only use 7cM segments or higher at DNA Painter so you dont have to copy the data in the rows below your last match at that level. Click on Admixture heritage On the Admixture Utilities screen select one of the projects.

Now lets look at the ChromoPainterfineStructure analysis. It divided the individuals into 203 populations. But the chromosomes are of different length.

Be sure to enter 0 if your percentage for a particular ethnicity is zero and enter 100 in the yellow total percentage field. Your Chromosome Painting is another way of looking at your Ancestry Composition results. Then I got busy and the results sat on my computer for more than a month.

Paint differences between 2 kits 1 chromosome. If you have a GEDmatch ID then you can map your Eurogenes K36 admixture results using. Paint differences between 2 kits 22 chromosomes reduced size.

Choose Chromosome Painting reduced size. The first step is to create a new chromosome map and paint a match. Using your Autosomal DNA results you can build a map of your chromosomes that shows segments that are inherited from specific ancestors or ancestral couples.

The HarappaWorld Admixture calculator is now available on GEDmatch. At the top of the chromosome browser click on View this data in a table. You can see that the majority of my chromosome are painted in the two hues of purple for Western European and North Sea.

About Chromosome Painting Painting is an efficient way of identifying important haplotype information from dense genotype data. You do have to upload your genetic data to GEDmatch to use it. That will determine your average percentage frequency of each population admixture.

Your chromosome painting will show admixture from both parents -- top and bottom of a single-bar display ie Gedmatch OR on both bars of double-bar display ie 23andMe EXCEPT when results are phased between parent and child then mothers contributions are exclusively on top and fathers on the bottom or in situations where both parents come from very different backgrounds ie. So every value has a relevance but only the calculated average all 22 chr will reveal the full significance of the values combined.

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