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These paintings done in natural colours have survived the tides of time and changing weather conditions a proof that ancient Indians were experts in dye making. Both von Däniken and Sitchin point to ancient art as a repository of evidence of UFO or ancient alien contact.

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Peter in Montalcino Siena Italy painted at the end of XVI.

Ancient painting with ufo. 10000 year old cave paintings of UFOs and Aliens discovered in India. A mass sighting of celestial phenomena or unidentified flying objects UFO occurred in 1561 above Nuremberg then a Free Imperial City of the Holy Roman EmpireThe phenomenon has been interpreted by some who modern UFO enthusiasts as an aerial battle of extraterrestrial origin. There is a dove clearly painted near Marys head.

It sure looks like there is a UFO in the sky shooting down a laser beam at first glance. An unusual source of UFO evidence in Ancient Art can be found in artwork which stretches back over thousands of years. Not verified in body This view is mostly dismissed by skeptics some referencing Carl Jungs mid-twentieth.

The most famous painting that dissolved any doubt in my mind depicted a UFO with its lazer beam was made by Crivelli in 1486 the annunciation to Mary AA. Vallée has co-authored a book Wonders in the Sky about early reports of UFOs going back to Biblical times. In regards to this painting Vallée points out that the artist would not have been present to witness what took place in the painting.

Crivellis painting was done almost 1500 years later. This is actually the name so often used by certain sites to refer to the object represented in the church of St. A UFO shines light on Christ as John baptizes him.

Glorification of the Eucharist by Ventura Salimbeni - The so called UFO or Sputnik of Montalcino. In an examination of other ancient paintings that seem to depict UFOs computer scientist Jacques Vallée noted that the phenomena have cropped up in many works of art during the 15th century and back to ancient times. A cave painting from Val.

The Baptism of Christ was painted in 1710 by Aert De Gelder. It could be interpreted as a divine being but its uncanny resemblance to common UFO descriptions leaves little doubt about what it was meant to be. It often seems to contain anomalous figures and extraterrestrial craft.

Researchers have confirmed a mysterious finding in India. 12 ancient paintings containing surprising evidence of aliens. However this painting is of the Annunciation.

Most of these UFOs in ancient art are sacred or religious in nature. Vallée is a renowned and well-respected early UFO researcher since the late 60s. Now this painting is a little sketchy for those who claim it features a UFO.

In Medi-evil art in the annunciation when Mary is told that she will have a child but she will still be a virgin and the angels tell them this over Marys head is a space capsule. This is one the finest UFO and alien depictions in ancient art. Even with such a large amount of evidence available it is hard to understand what the artists were trying to depict.

Archaeologists discovered stunning paintings of UFO and aliens in the caves of Bastar located about 130 km from Raipur. We have to admit its a lot harder to disbelieve the notion that something otherworldly once walked among us after. As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program this site may earn from qualifying purchases.

Sci-fi has been around since just after the dawn of humankindor if you believe in ancient astronauts sci-fi has been around since slightly before the dawn of man. Glorification of the Eucharist by Ventura Salimbeni The so called UFO or Sputnik of Montalcino. This is quite ironic as a core belief of ancient astronaut theory in that there is nothing spiritual going on during these ancient extraterrestrial visitations.

We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail websites. This is actually the name so often used by certain sites to refer to the object represented in the church of St. Peter in Montalcino Siena Italy painted at the end of XVI century by Ventura or Bonaventura Salimbeni.

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