Aleksandr Gerasimov Paintings

Gerasimov was born on 12 August 1881 in Kozlov now Michurinsk in Tambov Governorate. Arrival of Lenin to Vilna Vilnius in 1908 1950 Sale Date.

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Aleksandr Gerasimov has been described as the godfather of Socialist Realist art and the founder of its canon was a Soviet and Russian artist who created famously flattering portraits of Joseph Stalin and other Soviet major political figures as well as impressionistic landscapes still lifes in combination with figures and genre paintings in its robust handling.

Aleksandr gerasimov paintings. Gerasimov studied at the Moscow School of Painting from 1903-15. 1942 oil on canvas 120х201cm. The painting about an event that never was.

His oeuvre is permeated by Impressionist tendencies wherein Gerasimov uses freely brushed strokes of colour to show the glimmering rays of light as is especially evident in View of Moscow. He understood that the most important member of his audience was Joseph Stalin whom he memorialized in October 1938 in his famous Stalin and Voroshilov in the Kremlin. Painting of Peonies By Henri Fantin-Latour 1336 66255 Select options.

Gerasimov became a member of the artistic association Free creativity. Aleksandr Gerasimov 1881- 1963 was one of the leading artists in the Socialist Realism movement the official prescribed canon of art in the Soviet Union. From a Boca Raton estate.

Still Life With Peonies By Aleksandr Gerasimov 1336 66255 Select options. Most of Gerasimovs paintings have became the classics of the Soviet Art. Two heaving bouquets of pink white and burgundy peonies in rounded glass vases adorn a circular table in a sunlit interior.

In many respects it was painting that introduced and. In 1939 he received a commission of 55000 rubles for a single painting at exhibition The Industry of Socialism and. Winter Road After Rain Roses the Portrait of MPChristie the Portrait of the Oldest Painters the Portrait of the poet SYMarshak and others are among them.

During the training period the artist turned mainly to landscape painting creating works lyrical in mood. An open window reveals a verdant landscape in the background and suggests a light breeze. Still Life With Peonies and Cloves By Aleksandr Gerasimov 1336 66255 Select options.

Bees are buzzing 1911 Rye mowing 1911 A White Night 1911 Bolshak 1912 Heat 1912 March in Kozlov 1914. Fiction and reality their interpenetration represent the essence of the reality of that historical period. 1881 - 1963 original seascape oil painting on canvas of Russian offshore steamboats.

Signed to lower left. Maybe Aleksandr Gerasimov 1881-1963 fragment SERGEI ALEKSANDR MIKHAÏLOVITCH GERASIMOV attribué Kozlov Michurinsk 1881-1963 Moscou Le bouquet de fleurs 1951 Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov 1881-1963 Still. Aleksandr Gerasimov Standing at nearly three meters tall Aleksandr Gerasimovs monumental double-portrait shows Joseph Stalin accompanied by his faithful ally Kliment Voroshilov one of the original five Marshals of the Soviet Union the states highest military rank a prominent figure in Stalins government and frequent subject of Gerasimovs paintings.

Gerasimov was a Social Realist born in 1881 in Kozlov now Michurinsk south central Russia of peasant stock. He favoured a style which became known as Heroic Realism which featured images of. Aleksandr Gerasimov Fine arts and dance mutually enriched each other throughout the twentieth century.

In his creations Alexander Gerasimov continued and developed the best traditions of Russian realistic painting. Peonies painted in 1931 is a crowning example of Aleksandr Gerasimovs still lifes. AMGerasimov 1881-1963 Preliminary painting for the Hymn to October.

Hymn to October is a remarkable work of art. Until the age of twenty-two he worked for his father selling cattle. Painting of Peonies By Aleksandr Gerasimov 1336 66255 Select options.

Before Russias cataclysmic WW I defeat and the subsequent revolution Gerasimov studied painting at the Moscow School of Painting Sculpture and Architecture. During World War I and the Russian Civil War he served in the army. Stalin Prize of 1943.

23-34 W x 16 H 4-58 Frame. By the end of the decade Gerasimov was recipient of huge prizes and commissions for his monumental canvases. Aleksandr Gerasimov Russian Federation.

Aleksandr Gerasimov Peonies 1931 Aleksandr Gerasimov 1881 - 1963 Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov was a celebrated Russian artist and one of the leading proponents of socialist realism. He studied at the Moscow School of Painting Sculpture and Architecture from 1903 to 1915. There he championed traditional realistic representational art against the avant-garde.

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